800W 36V DC Speed Controller Box for Scooter Electric Bike Brush Motor

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Catalog Number:CTRL-0800

Controller for Electric Scooter, 60V 12A, 800W

Works on 36V, 800W scooters and electric bikes

Type: brush speed controller

Voltage: 36V

Wattage: 800W

Casing material: aluminium

Colour: silver

Dimensions: 122 x 97 x 50mm

Plug :

1.Red & Black (large cable) : Battery connections

2.Yellow & Blue : Motor connections

3.Red & Blue : Key Switch(power lock) (If there is no power door locks,red connection to blue)

4.Yellow & black : brake

5.Red & Yellow: Brake light

6.Red&Black(small cable) : indicator light

7.Red, Black & Blue: Speed Regulator 1-4 V(Throttle ) (Red:+5v,Black: - ,Blue :Signal Wire)

8.Red & Black (small cable): Charger

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