Alloy Clutch Lever

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Every motorized bicycle with a 2-stroke non- centrifugal clutch engine requires a clutch lever.  The clutch lever is installed on the handlebars with the clutch cable running from it to the bike engine.  When pulled in, the clutch lever should release the back wheel, allowing it to freewheel. When released, the clutch disengages the clutch. If it is released while the bicycle is moving in a forward direction (and other conditions are being met, such as fuel, choke position, etc) the engine will start. For riders who would like to enjoy riding the bicycle normally this clutch lever features a locking button.


Troubleshooting Tip

If your clutch will not free the back wheel when pulled, check to ensure the cable is installed properly. If the cable is installed properly, pull in lever and observe the clutch arm. If the clutch arm does not move, check the clutch camshaft window on the inside of the drive sprocket case cover. The flat part should be facing out. If it is not, uninstall and reinstall properly. If your clutch arm is moving, but the wheel will not release, check the bucking bar and clutch actuator bearing. If these all check out and you have a new engine or have recently repaired the clutch, watch the clutch adjustment video for further assistance.


Package includes

Upgraded Alloy Clutch Lever

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