Bottom End 80/66cc Bike Engine Kit

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Bottom End 80/66cc for 2-Stroke Bike Engines
Save time and money by just replacing the bottom end. Features the beefy FM80 connecting rod. It is the same stroke as the Grubee Skyhawk. This bottom end does run the type B piston (not Included). Clutch is complete and installed. Front mount hole is same as the SkyHawk at 40mm (smaller size). The clutch assembly is fully installed and ready to go. Engine seals and Magnet already installed. The only assembly required is the Magneto and cover which is included. Ready for you to bolt up your top end (Top end not included). 

Bottom End Includes:
Crankcase - 80/66cc
Crank and FM80 rod installed
8mm Head Studs fine thread w/ Nuts
Magnet and Magneto
Cylinder Base Gasket
Front and Rear mounting hardware
Complete clutch assembled and installed
Chain Gear, Cover and Clutch Arm

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