Main Jet 5pcs Set PD18 GY6 50:80, 85, 90, 95, 100

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Catalog Number:JETPD18-01

GY6 QMB139 50cc CVK Main Jet Set
Set Fits most Chinese Scooters.

Includes: 5 Main Jets #80 - #85 - #90 - #95 - #100

Easily Tune your Bike for OPTIMUM Power

Start VERY FAT, and then go leaner - to ensure no detonation

Carburetor jetting: You must set the carburetor jetting correctly by experiment. Put the main jet in, and run it full throttle long enough to get the plug colored. The best reading on a 4-stroke is a light tan, with perhaps some darkness around the edges. Some factory setting are so lean that they are bright white.

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