Tuned-Fire 66cc/80cc 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine Bike Kit - Silver

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66/80cc Tuned Fire Engine Kit Package

Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

The powerful 66/80cc Tuned Fire Bicycle Engine Kit is the engine kit you've been waiting for!

  • Houses an internal, integrated CDI electronic ignition coil next to the magneto. Forget all the CDI and magneto wires, this engine only requires you to connect the magneto wires with the kill switch and you're on the road.
  • Easier installation.
  • Faster spark, less wiring, more fun, and great speed make this engine so amazing.

Our kit comes with the standard parts you'll need to convert your basic bicycle into a motorized bike. You’ll be able to ride like normal with the engine disengaged and engage the engine by releasing the clutch lever. You can start the engine as you ride by pedaling the bike and releasing the clutch lever, and stop the engine with the kill switch included with the kit. Our engines feature the latest upgrades and parts, including high-quality Japanese ball bearings in the main crank. Don't be fooled by other retailers selling outdated, old generation engines that use cheap bushings that do not last! Our manufactures abide by strict quality control assurance measures and use the highest quality material so you get the best kit! 

 ** Please note: Sprocket Clamp Assemblies come with only 1x set of metal plates. Older production of these assemblies included 2x sets, but from testing and redesigning, only 1x set is required. This redesigned assembly helps secure your rear wheel sprocket better than previous designs.

Our engines come with a 90-day warranty

Product Dimensions & Specifications

  • Dimensions: about 8.5" height 7" length 5" width.
  • Kit fits on standard, male frames with tubing of 25mm to 29mm in diameter. Larger frame sizes require drilling into bike frame with a stationary bolt and use the universal face plate to mount the front of the engine. 
  • 2.75 HP (horsepower)
  • 25 to 40 mph depending on the gear ratio and weight.
  • Fuel Economy: 100-150 miles per gallon

The engine chain does not interfere with your current drive chain and peddling because it rides on the opposite side of the bike sprocket.

 *Note: Depending on rider weight and tuning, most customers have reported speeds upwards of +35mph. Operation of a motorized bike at such speeds must be handled with extreme caution.

CNS Carburetor upgrades will require extra material to fit flush around the manifold. This can be remedied by wrapping the manifold with electric tape or using PVC to fill in the gap between the carburetor port and the manifold.

Product Requirements

Installation is a breeze! The rider only needs some basic hardware skills, tools, and around 2-3 hours for installation and fine-tuning adjustments (Note: Seller is not responsible for misuse or this kit or any warranty after installation).

Fits Most 26" Wheeled Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Road) with V-frame. The frame should have 9-11” of clearance between the bottom bracket and top bar, and the diameter of the frame tubes should be 25-29mm (around 1”).

Package includes

  1. Tuned Fire 66/80cc 2-Stroke Engine
  2. Upgraded Chrome Muffler
  3. Complete Clutch Cable Assembly with Clutch Wire Clip
  4. Drive Chain Idler Pulley
  5. Top Quality Japanese 202 Main Bearings
  6. 415 Bike Engine Drive Chain
  7. Drive Chain Guard
  8. 2-Stroke Spark Plug
  9. Locking Alloy Clutch Lever
  10. Upgraded Twist Throttle and Cable With Grip
  11. Updated 1.5L Black Teardrop Gas Tank (approx. ? of a gallon)
  12. Fuel Line
  13. Throttle Cable
  14. Gasoline Tank Switch
  15. Sprocket Clamp Assembly
  16. 44 Tooth Chrome Drive Sprocket with 9 Holes
  17. Large Spring (Heat Shield Spring)
  18. Extension Spring (Recoil Spring)
  19. High-Quality Bearings on Both Ends of Crank
  20. Kill Switch
  21. Required Hardware and Gaskets
  22. Complete Easy to Follow Installation

The Tuned Fire Engine Kit has an internal, integrated CDI ignition coil and magneto pre-installed within the engine.

Disclaimer: Operating a motorized bicycle and/or bicycle engine kit carries a risk of serious bodily injury. The rider accepts responsibility for any and all vehicle operation that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. BikeBerry.com is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit.

Disclosure of accurate engine size: While we have chosen to use the long standing factory branding engine size of "80cc", the true displacement of the bicycle engine is 66cc. Down through the years, China bicycle engine manufacturers have advertised their biggest engine as 80cc, therefore we have listed them in the same way on our website. However, the bore and stroke of an 80cc being 47x38mm equals 66cc. Therefore the true displacement of the 80cc bike motor is 66cc. In the west, the volume of a cylinder is calculated by using the formula Volume = Pi x Radius Squared x Stroke. However, in the Far East the displacement of an engine includes the area of the cylinder head's combustion chamber as well as the volume of the cylinder. Therein lies a discrepancy between measuring standards by the manufactures in China with those in the United States. However, all "80cc" engine kits on the market today are actually 66cc in displacement size if measuring by US standards.

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